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After arriving in California for the 146th annual Pleasanton Highland Games, I had a chance to run to see Kelly Starrett at San Francisco Crossfit. Kelly has been doing some amazing work spreading information about mobility and what we can all do to improve in this area.

Kelly’s book “Becoming a Supple Leopard” has been critical in helping me stay on the top of my sport. Like many I have to deal with a normal job that is putting me for many hours sitting down. By using exercises that are recommended in the book to address my hip and low back issues, I has able to win another highland Games World Championship in Scotland.

Getting the opportunity to learn from Kelly in person was humbling and a great opportunity. He is very passionate and wants athletes to learn how to address their own mobility issues.

Kelly and his wife Juliett have also been working on helping kids get back to using their bodies. They talk about this work in an interview we did.

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Extended Training with Diane Fu

I was fortunate enough to break into Diane’s busy schedule of kicking ass to have her work with me. We spent a couple hours working on my snatch technique.

I am not weightlifter. I like training it because I find it fun. I think it is great for athletes. So like anything I enjoy doing I want to get better at it. One way to get better is train with someone smarter and more better at it than you.

Diane runs FU BARBELL inside of San Francisco Crossfit. It was a pleasure of working with her. I found that her coaching ability was one that I really understood. A lot of time with a short session coaches will throw too much at you. Diane did a great job of focusing on one or two big picture items and tried to fix that. Her ability to translate what she wanted me to do into words that my dumb meat-head monkey brain could understand was also top notch.

The only issue I have is that I live 2,000 miles form where she is coaching and will only get to hangout and train occasionally with her. If you need help I suggest you give her a ring or email or smoke signal and get better.